Instructor Responsibilities Agreement

  • I am affiliating with LifeTek as my Training Center for training with (check all that apply):
  • I will teach the programs offered by the above selected organizations according to the current guidelines and standards set forth by AHA/ARC/EMTA.
  • I agree that reading, understanding and abiding by Instructor Manuals, the AHA Program Administration Manual, the ARC Training Provider Resource Guide, and/or the EMTA Instructor Guide is my responsibility.
  • I have received, read and agree to follow the guidelines in LifeTek’s Instructor Reference Packet.
  • Alignment with LifeTek does not im.ply employment with LifeTek.  I am responsible for my own liability insurance and taxes when it applies.
  • I will notify LifeTek within 30 days of any changes to my address, telephone number, or email address.
  • I understand that LifeTek reserves the right to monitor instructors at any time as a quality assurance protocol (fees may apply).

If at any time I should not adhere to the above conditions, my status with LifeTek may be revoked.

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Signed by Sylvia Thompson
Signed On: November 4, 2020

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