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Heartsaver for K-12 Schools Course Completion eCard (2015)


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Availability: Available on your AHA Instructor Network within 48 business hours

This product is the eCard version of the course completion card exclusively for K-12 students, faculty, and staff who pass the Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED course, the Heartsaver® CPR AED course, or the Heartsaver® First Aid course when taught in the school system.

eCards are issued to Instructors via the AHA Instructor Network through the My Courses system. The card is then issued to the participant’s email and they have access to their card for the entire 2 years. Participants have the choice to download, save, print, or forward the card. If a paper card is printed and lost, s/he can simply download another. It is preferred to issue the eCard to a personal email address because many people do not have access to a work email address from home, which could prolong the process of them receiving their certification. Once the student is issued their certification, they will receive a code that can be given to employers who can validate their card at www.heart.org/cpr/mycards.

eCards can take 24-48 hours to become available on the AHA Instructor Network.