LifeTek Carlson Healthcare Training Programs

LifeTek Carlson offers many customizable programs to help your organization excel and learn. Our instructors put years of experience and knowledge together with practical application to bring you courses that are current and valuable. Looking for a program LifeTek Carlson doesn’t offer? LifeTek Carlson offers a variety of other courses that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and requirements. We will personally work
with you to create just the right training.

ACLS Pharmacology – Each ACLS Algorithms utilizes several different drugs. This course will focus on the medications used in an ACLS course and the most important details you need to know about each drug.

ACLS Prep – Prepare for your next ACLS course with confidence by taking our ACLS Prep Course. This course is customizable in length depending on the skill set your group currently has and how much prep is wanted. Knowledgeable ACLS Instructors will cover all the basic pharmacology and EKG knowledge needed to prepare and pass the ACLS course.

Basic and Advanced EKG – Participants are taught a solid foundation for basic rhythm interpretation and understanding. Starting from the very basic anatomy and function of the cardiac system, this class is perfect for students, EMTs, or any healthcare provider who needs a refresher of the basics or is just getting into rhythm interpretation. The Advanced EKG course builds on the foundation of the Basic EKG course. Typically, the Advanced EKG course is a two-day course that includes Basic EKG on day one. Both EKG courses can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs and time frames.

IV Access for Dental – LifeTek Carlson’s IV Access program is tailored to meet the needs of Dental Anesthesia Assistants. This program provides in depth coverage of anatomy, venipuncture technique, patient assessment, common risks, possible complications, and emergency care. During this course students will complete the 8 hours of didactic training and 10 intravenous insertions required by the Washington State Health Department on an IV manikin.

Mock Codes – Keep your code skills fresh and current with LifeTek Carlson’s Mock Code course. Practice makes perfect, or close to it! This course can vary in length to fit your office’s needs.