COVID-19 Updates

We at LifeTek understand the concerns surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19.  We also understand the importance of staying current on your certificates to continue working.  To serve your training needs, all LifeTek classes will continue to run as scheduled.  Updates and cancellations will be notified via email, text messages and can be found on individual registration pages for contract clients.  Face Masks and screenings are REQUIRED to attend in person training.  You will be turned away if you have a fever higher then 100.4, are not wearing a mask, or do not comply. 

During this time we will offer students who feel uncomfortable attending class the option to reschedule free of charge.  Most courses offer a hybrid option.  This two part alternative would consist of video based learning completed online from any location with internet and a hands on skills check with an instructor and a small group of participants.  Additional fees may apply.  Please reach out to our office at 360-416-8239 with any questions or to reschedule.  

COVID-19 BLS Virtual Classroom:  With approval from the AHA, we have taken our traditional BLS classroom course and have modified it to meet your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The AHA has allowed Training Centers to present information in a virtual format. We have broke the course down into two different sections, the online video learning and the hands on practice and testing. Learn from the comfort of your home and meet with an instructor to test out your skills, it is that easy!  Click here to get started today   **ACLS Now Available!

Click here to view the AHA’s Updated COVID-19 AHA Resuscitation Algorithms


*FREE Online, AHA Adaptive Learning Course:  Interim Guidance for Resuscitation of Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 – Click here to launch the course.

AHA Card Extensions:  Those with AHA Provider and Instructor cards that expired in March and April, and those with cards expiring at the end of May and June can renew their card for up to 120 days from the recommended renewal date on their card. See below for specific recommended renewal and extension dates:

Recommended Renewal Date on Card (end of month)

New Renewal Due Date with 120-day Extension (end of month)

March 2020

July 2020

April 2020

August 2020

May 2020

September 2020

June 2020

October 2020

Beginning in July, we will resume normal timelines for renewing cards. Those with cards expiring at the end of July should plan to renew their cards by the recommended renewal date on their card (July 2020).

We want to ensure the health and safety of all our students who take trust us with their training.  We require all students to:

  • — Practice good hygiene, including washing your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after the course.  
  • — Cover your coughs and sneezes. 
  • — Refrain from touching your face, mouth, eyes and nose. 
  • — If you are sick and showing symptoms, stay home.
  • –Practice appropriate social distancing. 
  • –Wear a mask.
  • ****Students will be screened upon arrival.  Please arrive early, be prepared and wear your mask.


We follow strict decontamination and disease prevention policies year round which include but are not limited to:

  • — Decontamination of our manikins, equipment, classrooms with alcohol-based cleaner after each class. 
  • — Individual pocket mask and mouth pieces for CPR practice.
  • — Personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer available at most locations.
  • **We are also working closely with instructors and clients to offer more class options in an effort to keep class sizes smaller than normal. 


Stay educated and mindful.  Below are helpful links for more information: 

Since 1976, LifeTek has provided resuscitation training that is critical to our citizens as well as our EMS and healthcare providers. In these trying times, we are especially proud of these professionals and their efforts in combating Covid-19 crises.